Amazing vegan Pad Thai and Hoisin Lemon Stir Fried Ramen recipes.


6 weeks!

So it has been 4 weeks since I last posted on the blog (oops) and 6 weeks since we started the vegan experiment! We still continue to eat vegan main meals. I eat vegan at every meal in and out of the house. Paul is mainly vegan, occasionally vegetarian.

Beautiful Brownies

I get lots of food inspiration from Instagram, which is where I stumbled upon this recipe for Snicker Brownie, by an Australian vegan @emerson_cooks

Vegan Cottage Pie

I like simple, hearty meals, especially when they are made with whatever you can find in the fridge and the cupboard. After the success of the Vegan Bolognese I was keen to try a 'cottage pie' using lentils.

Smoothie Bowls!

The feature of many a 'health food' Instagram account, but smoothie bowls are truly one of my favourite breakfasts and snacks. Here's how to make them.

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