6 weeks!

because veganSo it has been 4 weeks since I last posted on the blog (oops) and 6 weeks since we started the vegan experiment!

We still continue to eat vegan main meals. I eat vegan at every meal in and out of the house. Paul is mainly vegan, occasionally vegetarian.  Sometimes the kids will have some meat or cow’s milk cheese in their dinner. They both choose to have cow’s milk on cereal. However, they cook the meat themselves as I am really not keen to do that anymore and my daughter finds it funny that meat products have to be in a bag and kept away from everything in the fridge. I am quite proud to say we hardly buy any meat products at all these days and the aisles of meat are but a distant memory for me.

My parents spent bank holiday weekend with us and despite my mum’s worst fears, she didn’t become either poisoned or malnourished during her stay. She refused to have hemp milk in her tea but together with dad was otherwise vegan for the 3 days. They both particularly enjoyed the vegan cottage pie and I think they enjoyed the cooked breakfast, eating small amounts of tofu scramble. They loved the Cauldron Foods bread and butter pudding (recipe here) made with Oatly Creamy Oat and custard made with Oatly Oat Drink. I think that is a success. My dad frequently asked ‘where’s the meat?’ but only to wind me up because that is his favourite sport!

I have continued to experiment with cooking vegan meals and trying new foods both ‘alternatives’ and plain ole plants. More posts shortly exploring some great recipes and substitutes.

Post by Liz


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