Smoothie Bowls!

The feature of many a ‘health food’ Instagram account, but smoothie bowls are truly one of my favourite breakfasts and snacks and so I feel they are a worthy topic of my first blog post. Last year we purchased a Salter Nutri Pro 1200 ‘nutri bullet’ style blender to make juices and smoothies. It was a hit over summer but was somewhat made redundant over the winter months. However, in our new found veganism it has been brought out once more.

IMG-20170402-WA0004My favourite smoothies have 3 basic ingredients: frozen berries, banana and yoghurt (I’ve been using Alpro soya yoghurt with almond or coconut) for a smooth and creamy smoothie. A handful of berries, a whole banana and a few heaped spoons of yoghurt is a good start. I never measure smoothies, so anti-measurers rejoice! If it won’t blend you can always add some more yoghurt or plant based milk.


IMG-20170402-WA0008You can adventure into more exciting smoothies too. Frozen kale is a great addition to smoothies that I don’t notice, a good handful will add Vitamin K and A. If you need more protein, as Paul did after burning well over 3000 kcal on a cycle ride, it’s easy to up the protein content. We did this by adding peanut butter, we went for Wholearth crunchy peanut butter, as well as some flax seeds. If you don’t have peanut butter on hand, go for whole nuts or a different nut butter to add some protein and flavour. If your smoothie needs sweetening, I add golden syrup in a pinch but you can always add dates for some natural sweetness and more bite to the smoothie, instead of a more smooth texture.

If you’re not so into fruit, try chocolate or banana based smoothies. Cocoa powder (or even raw cacao if you’re feeling fancy), some nut butter and milk makes one of Liz’s favourite breakfast smoothies, and if you’ve seen our chia pudding recipe in this post you will see the resemblance. If you like it thicker, freeze a banana in slices to use instead of a fresh one (this is a great way to make sure you always have some banana on hand).

smoothieIf all of this sounds too much for you and you just want a basic fruit smoothie, try pre-made, frozen smoothie bags as we did when we first started using the blender. There are different flavours of these available in so many supermarkets like this strawberry and banana mix from Tesco or this tropical mix from Waitrose. Seriously, look in your favourite supermarket for these. They’re so easy and handy to have in the freezer if you need a quick snack.

So, if you want to try smoothies I say do it. If you have a blender or a food processor, don’t be afraid to try them in there first, you don’t need to splash out on a high powered smoothie blender from the start (although they do make light work of frozen fruit). Finding your favourite flavour combinations takes time and experimentation, it’s hard to go wrong but you will soon find what you prefer. As for the decoration, it’s nice to have some whole fruits or nuts but there’s no need to make them look nice, it’s all in the taste.

Post by Jude


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