Flatbreads and Falafels recipe recommendation

20170406_190923We love falafels. Even pre-Vegan times we loved falaaaaafel. And flatbreads. Jude has tried many flatbread recipes.

So, when we discovered that the Avant Garde Vegan had a falafel and flatbread recipe we had to try it. And we were not disappointed. In fact, we ran out of superlatives to describe this incredibly tasty dish.

We made some small changes to the falafel: I reduced the amount of harissa, omitted the paprika and added tomato 20170406_191100puree (Jude doesn’t like it too spicy) and then offered sriracha and sriracha mayo sauce at the table to heat things up a bit. Our roasted veg were coated simply with olive oil, garlic, thyme and seasoning. And we also had a cold crisp salad with our too.

Jude followed the flatbread recipe to the letter and they 20170406_195204were fabulous. Light and fluffy but tasty. Kind of like a lighter and healthier version of the purees you get from an Indian takeaway.




Here is the Avant Garde Vegan’s recipe video.

If you haven’t already discovered the Avant Garde Vegan, stop what you are doing and go check Gaz out, NOW.




And now a website (wooohoo)new-black-logo-1-uai-258x258


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