Friday night is pizza night and the Violife Original goes on test

20170331_192116We love homemade pizza in our household although we have had far less of it since I have been actively trying to lose weight as I tend to use a lot of cheese – usually a mix of cheddar and mozzarella.

Jude made the dough using a packet mix from Tesco, we topped with their Vegan-friendly pizza sauce and then topped to our preference. Jude likes to stick to simple cheese and tomato. Alongside the cheese and tomato, Ollie had spring onions and red and yellow chiquino peppers on his. Paul and I had spring onions, red and yellow chiquino peppers, capers, jalapenos and olives.

Violife Original put to the test

20170331_191453We were unable to get hold of any mozzarella style alternatives locally, so we were relying on Violife Original, made from coconut fat. This cost £2.30 at Tesco for a 200g block (a cheddar alternative would come in at £1.40).

On opening, it has a definite whiff of cheese. It was very difficult to get out of the packet and once out had a plasticky feel, reminiscent of Edam. Taste and texture was also quite Edam-like – mild, a bit nutty, possibly a bit rubbery.

20170331_192804.jpgIt grated really well, although we found we couldn’t really sprinkle the cheese onto the pizzas because it clumped together.

I read somewhere that alternative ‘cheeses’ have a higher melting point and pizza doesn’t mind a hot oven, so we set ours to 220 C.

Well, the Violife Original didn’t really melt and the finished pizzas did not look as appetising as I hoped.

20170331_195323.jpgUnfortunately, Jude was not impressed at all. On her simple Margherita pizza, the Vilolife needed to perform. She found that it was gooey and clumped together and stuck on the roof of her mouth. She is quite fussy, particularly about texture, so this was a big let down for her and I am sure I won’t get her to eat Violife Original again! Ollie didn’t seem to notice as he eats everything at warp speed. He finished his slices, plus Jude’s (and today (Sunday)) he ate 2 more slices heated up in the microwave without complaint.

I thought my pizza was delicious. As usual, it was heavily loaded with toppings and so the Violife Original was sharing the limelight. I would definitely use it again but I think I will try out other alternatives as and when I can get my hands on them.

received_590210721174954Oh I nearly forgot! Paul and I got a couple of lovely bottles of wine from M&S to go with our food. I chose the Gold Label Sauvignon Blanc. So easy wine shopping in M&S thanks to their great received_590210727841620labelling.

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