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Spicy BBQ Chickpea Burgers

Tonight we had an amazing family meal that was delicious, nutritious and filling. We used a recipe we found on Oh She Glows, which is an amazing resource for plant-based recipes that are free of processed foods, gluten and soy.

20170328_191535If you have a bit of time and you are prepared to spend it chopping veg, we can heartily recommend the Spicy BBQ Chickpea Burgers. They are packed with chickpeas, brown rice, onions, peppers, carrot, chilli, parsley, flaxseed powder, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and seasoned with BBQ sauce.

We adapted the recipe slightly – adding more BBQ sauce and 20170328_195157making ‘sausage-shaped’ rather than burger patties as Jude had chosen wraps to serve them in.

We served them in Tesco flour tortilla wraps, with minted yogurt (Alpro Plain (Soya) with Coconut for an extra flavour dimension), siracha mayo sauce and salad, with Slimming World chips to boot! I might have to roll to bed.

And the best bit is… Paul and I get to eat a bit more again tomorrow in our lunches.20170328_202052 1







Products we used

IDShot_540x540Most of the Tesco BBQ sauce range is vegan-friendly (see the Tesco Vegan List). We chose the Tesco All American BBQ.

I love anything spicy and particularlysiracha mayo sauce siracha, so imagine my delight that the Flying Goose Siracha Mayo Sauce is vegan friendly. My wrap life is complete.


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