In search of the perfect vegan cuppa

Update 28/03/2017

milk_original_web_iconsNext test… Good Hemp Milk Original

Cost: £1.50 (no special offers or 2 for £2 deals available)

Appearance: White, consistency more watery. Doesn’t colour tea as much as cow’s milk.

Taste: On it’s own, it tastes much the same as other plant milks but less creamy. It has a lighter, more watery taste, which I like as it reminds me of my preferred skimmed cow’s milk. I bought a naturally sweetened milk, as I wasn’t sure what to go for, it is not overly sweet in taste. In tea, it seems to affect the tea taste very little although it has a slightly sweet, vanilla aroma.

Texture: As you would expect from what I have said before, this is more watery and feels more acceptable to me.

Bonus: Hemp is naturally rich in Omega 3 & 6 and a 250ml glass of this hemp milk will provide 50% of your daily Omega 3 needs.

Overall: 9.5/10 best one yet!

Update 27/03/2017

Paul was impressed with the Alpro Oat Original in his tea. He could tell it wasn’t cow’s milk but he agreed with me that it was definitely drinkable. I should add that in our large mugs we are putting in around 50ml, which is a fair bit for a cuppa.

On Sunday I read a great article How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea (When You’re Dairy Free) on the YorkTest Laboratories website. The overwhelming result of their taste test was in favour of soya milk, which scored ‘Colour 25/25 Aroma 18/25 Taste 19/25’ and one taster commented “This one looks and taste most like Builder’s tea – which is good for me.” Being a fan of builders brew, I decided this warranted further investigation.

Alpro Soya Simply Mild (Chilled)20170327_173154

I opted for the ‘simply mild’ version as the carton claimed a ‘milder, milkier taste’.

Cost: Again this was available on the 2x 1L cartons for £2 deal. However, the usual price is £1.40, making it cheaper. I also used less of this to achieve the desired colour and taste – just 35ml, again making this potentially cheaper.

Appearance: This drink also has a creamy, yellow colour. In tea, it makes a richer looking brew than my usual cow’s milk.

Taste: This is naturally sweet, sweeter than cow’s milk but probably not as sweet as the oat drink. It alters the taste of the tea slightly, but in my opinion less so than the Alpro Oat Original. Paul finds it reminiscent of something but he can’t put his finger on it yet. I think aroma-wise, it smells like tea made with UHT cow’s milk.

Texture: On it’s own in a glass, this is smooth, quite creamy and viscous. In tea does give a creamier effect, however, I am used to skimmed cow’s milk which is almost like water in consistency.

Overall: 9/10. So far this is my preferred cow’s milk substitute for tea.

Original post

20170325_142323Tea is everything in our house. Our favourite tea bags are Clipper ‘big bright blend’, which we brew strong and we use a filtered kettle because our water is very hard. Paul usually has semi-skimmed cow’s milk, I have skimmed cow’s milk and we don’t like too much.

I have tried Alpro unsweetened almond milk in tea previously and it was a very poor substitute. Facebook friends recommended I try an oat drink in lieu of the cow’s milk and Jude had rated oat milk when she did taste test at school; so oat milk is the first to face our scrutiny.

Today (25/03/17) we bought Alpro Oat Original (Chilled)

20170325_175002Cost: We compared it to the equivalent Oatly branded product, which looks more hipster but otherwise exactly the same in terms of ingredients and fortification. So we opted for the Alpro which was on special offer – 2x 1L cartons for £2, compared to a usual cost of £1.60/L. Whilst comparing cost, my usual skimmed cow’s milk costs 66p/L.

Appearance: On pouring into a glass, this oat milk has quite a rich, creamy yellow colour. In tea, it makes for a darker looking cuppa.

Taste: Naturally sweet, no detectable after taste or bitterness. Tea tastes slightly different but very drinkable.

20170325_175017.jpgTexture: Very smooth, quite creamy and viscous. In tea does give a creamier effect,
however, I am used to skimmed cow’s milk which is almost like water in consistency. Again very drinkable.

Overall: 8/10. Not bad at all. I can definitely use this as a cow’s milk substitute in my tea.20170325_174952

Tomorrow the Paul test!


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