Getting ready to go plant-based

When we originally conceived this plan, our intention was to slowly transition from meat-eating omnivores to vegetarians and then slowly, slowly to an experimental week of veganism. Instead last night we decided to go ‘cold tofu’ if you like.


In preparation, Jude and I scoured the internet and hit upon some really useful websites.

vegsocWe started at the obvious places, such as The Vegan Society where we signed up to the 30 Day Vegan Pledge. Over the next 30 days, we will receive advice on all aspects of vegan diet, tips and recipes.


petaukOn the PETA UK website, we ordered the Free Vegan Starter Kit which contains recipes and tips on making the switch to veganism.


my vegan supermarketMy Vegan Supermarket
provided immediate reassurance to Jude that going vegan would be doable. You can filter the contents of the site by grocery type (e.g. ‘bakery’), product or by supermarket or a combination of these. For example, ‘seasonal’ – ‘Easter’ – ‘Tesco’ will return all Easter themed vegan chocolate that is available (or has been available?) in Tesco. Many products also have reviews. Content is manually added and My Vegan Supermarket asks for readers to also submit products.


vegan wombleThe Vegan Womble Blog Spot has vast amounts of information on vegan food and products available in the UK. This includes an invaluable list of links to official supermarket vegan lists.

is it vegan


Finally, we downloaded the Is it Vegan? app onto our smartphones. You can use this to scan barcodes on products to check whether they are vegan or not.




Given that Jude, in particular, is not a massive veggies/beans/pulses and legumes fan, we will definitely need to use ‘meat substitutes’ and ‘meat alternatives’ as well as fortified cereals and drinks to ensure she gets her full complement of nutrients. So, using the tools above we had a good look at vegan options such as tofu, vegan Quorn, coconut yogurt and cheese, oat and almond ‘milks’ available at Tesco, which is our supermarket of choice.

20170325_215655 1We always follow the same procedure when planning a grocery shop: plan our meals for the week; check our stock; write a list. Planning our meals took longer than usual as I had to negotiate Jude’s food foibles but we have reached an agreement (our Jude-made meal planner beautifully displaying next week’s menu on the left). This time checking our stock also meant using the official Tesco vegan list as found on the Vegan Womble site and the Is it Vegan? app. Pleased that the peanut butter we already have is vegan!

The actual shopping was lots 20170325_142323of fun. We pored over labels, shelves, options. Took photos for the blog, scanned items with the app. Tesco has a respectable variety of vegan-friendly foods available, both deliberately and accidentally vegan and we purchased everything on our list (plus more).

Look out for forthcoming posts on what we bought, what we do with it, and our vegan verdict.

Post by Liz


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